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      青島市紅十字會“第一響應人” 應急救護培訓基地揭牌成立

      發布時間:2017-05-17 14:37 來源:未知 點擊:

      May 12, 2017, Qingdao City Red Cross "first responders" emergency ambulance training base unveiling ceremony, in the Hai Liya emergency safety education and training center was held. 

              Wang Jianzhong, executive vice president of Qingdao Red Cross Society, Wang Xueji, president of Qingdao Red Cross Society of Qingdao, Qi Hanfei, deputy researcher of Qingdao Red Cross Training and Rescue Office, Wang Youjun, vice president of Qingdao Red Cross Society Hai Liya Group Chairman Zhang Xuming and other leaders attended the opening ceremony of the scene. Wang Jianzhong and Zhang Xuming, chairman of the board for the Qingdao Red Cross "first responders" emergency ambulance training base unveiled.

      Qingdao City Red Cross "first responders" emergency ambulance training base is established, will participate in the implementation of 2017 Qingdao Municipal Government to do one of the practical - "first responders" emergency ambulance certificate training 20,000 people work. "First Respondent" emergency ambulance training aims to the public to carry out emergency handling capacity and emergency ambulance skills training, including emergency response to the initial disposal, self-help, rescue, coordination with the rescue capacity training, emergency ambulance new concept, Trauma rescue, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, accidental injury protection and other skills training. The training will be the combination of theoretical knowledge teaching and ambulance skills in the practical operation of the way, highlighting the practical ability to practice training. After the examination of the theoretical examination and the actual operation of the examination, the "first respondent" emergency ambulance qualification, awarded the Red Cross ambulance card. Up to now, this year the city has trained 7800 "first responders" emergency ambulance personnel.

      After the opening ceremony, accompanied by Chairman Zhang Xuming, Wang Jianzhong and other leaders have visited the Hai Liya Group Emergency Safety Education and Training Center and product exhibition hall.